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Sabre Upgrades Siltbuster Fleet Following Theft

Aug 03 2016

Sabre Jetting Services recently upgraded its fleet of Siltbuster HD Units and pickups following a theft of a vehicle and HD Unit which occurred whilst one of our teams was working out of town. We were working on a project at DP World in Essex which involved removal of concrete at numerous drain locations and therefore the Siltbuster HD Unit was kept on the back of the pickup in order to stay mobile. The vehicle was then parked on the car park of the accommodation overnight but when our team tried to leave for work the next morning the vehicle was gone. Unfortunately, the police were unable to locate the vehicle or the culprits and therefore the company was hit with a huge loss of assets.

Following the theft, the company decided to not only replace but also upgrade the equipment. A replacement Siltbuster HD Unit was purchased along with two new Nissan pickups so that each of the companies four Siltbuster HD Units could be permanently allied to one of four Nissan pickups. The four plant & vehicle combinations have now been named from HD01 to HD04 but the ability to remove each Siltbuster HD Unit from its vehicle remains so that the units can be positioned on site for long term projects or projects with limited space.

Each Siltbuster Unit is setup with all the pumps, hoses and fittings required for the inlet and discharge of the run-off water. These items are checked before and after each project and the operation of the unit is tested and calibrated where necessary. All of this information is recorded on a Siltbuster discharge sheet to ensure that every unit comes to site in full working order with all necessary equipment available. For our clients, this is in contrast to hiring the Siltbuster HD Unit themselves as all the ancillary items would need to be arranged separately therefore adding further workload.

All four of the Nissan pickups have also been setup to comply with the FORS scheme in line with the requirements for Crossrail projects. This means that any of these vehicles attending your site have additional safety features as well as full chapter 8 markings therefore reducing the likelihood of an accident on site.

As well as removing the need for our clients to hire in the Siltbuster HD Units and set them up with all the equipment required, Sabre Jetting Services Ltd will also remove the requirement for the client to operate and maintain the units on site. All of our operators are trained in the setup and use of the HD Units and will carry this out on site whilst also monitoring the quality of the discharge to ensure that the Siltbuster HD Unit is operating correctly.

Each Siltbuster HD Unit is fitted with a data logger which records the pH level of the water following treatment with CO2 to reduce the alkalinity level. This information can then be produced as a graph at the end of the project. The operators on site will also record this information manually to provide the client with an ongoing record as works progress. On long term projects we will arrange for the CO2 bottles to be exchanged as required and even arrange for clean out of the Siltbuster HD Unit on site where necessary. Our in-house Siltbuster specialist is also available to come to site in the event of any technical issues.

Each Siltbuster HD Unit has the capacity to treat the run-off water for two teams simultaneously. However, where the site setup does not allow this or where more than two teams are required, our fleet of four Siltbuster HD Units means that we have the resources to accommodate. In addition to the four Siltbuster HD Units we also have a Siltbuster FB50 which can be extremely useful for additional filtration on projects with high volume concrete removal or where the site conditions mean there is more silt within the run-off water than just that from the hydrodemolition process. Again, the FB50 unit would be provided with all the necessary pumps, fittings and hoses.

The provision of fully operable Siltbuster HD Units forms a key part of Sabre Jetting Services’ commitment to providing the full hydrodemolition package to our clients thus removing the burden of managing a number of key elements of the water jetting process. With the four Siltbuster HD Units and pickups in place our clients can be assured that the treatment of the hydrodemolition run-off water is always taken care of..


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