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Surface preparation (or 'surface prep') is the technique of 'roughing up' concrete using a rotary nozzle. This can also include coatings removal. Otherwise known as concrete scabbling.

ST3 and ST2 surface preparation can be carried out to varying finishes (which equate to levels of roughness) as required for each specific project. This can range from removing 2-3mm of laitance, to removing enough concrete to expose the aggregate. Our operators have years of experience carrying out surface preparation and concrete scabbling and have therefore developed the skills necessary to achieve whichever finish is required by the client or the coatings removal of their choice.

In addition to the capability of our operators, we are also able to offer surface preparation using Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting. Our UHP units are capable of operating at 2800 BAR using 20lt / min and are excellent for surface preparation involving mesh and overlay systems or for creating a key for bonding to new concrete. This technology allows us to carry out more surface preparation per shift than ever before meaning shorter programme periods and reduced costs for our clients. It also reduces the amount of manual work undertaken by an operative, meaning the process is safer and less labour intensive. Smaller areas of work or projects can still be undertaken using hand held devices, but these too are highly efficient aswell as reliable for our workers.

The types of water jets we use for coatings removal and prove to be highly effective for removing substances such as epoxy, tar, paint and bitumen. You can also be safe in the knowledge that our water jets do not cause damage to any of the layers on or under the surface which could result in further problems if the job is not carried out carefully enough.

At Sabre Jetting Services, we are constantly looking to develop our equipment in order to offer our clients the most comprehensive and efficient service possible, utilising the most appropriate techniques for the tasks at hand.

To get more information on our concrete scabbling and surface preparation service, contact a member of the team today to find out more.

Concrete Scabbling & Surface Preparation UHP Unit

The UHP unit was first used on a project in Guernsey in early 2014, preparing concrete surfaces to the underside of a jetty. We started the project using a 1500 BAR unit using 50lt / min and the production and finish provided were both of an acceptable level. However, once the UHP unit was introduced the production on the project doubled and the finish provided was actually preferred by the client.


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