Sabre Jetting Services are able to provide practical and affordable solutions to the water disposal dilemma faced when carrying out high pressure water jetting.

In addition to our tanker jetting units for the provision of water, we are also able to organise the discharge of the run-off water after the jetting operation. Using our contacts and knowledge we are able to remove what can be a difficult part of the planning process from the client and save them both the time and frustration involved.

Following the hydrodemoltion of concrete with high pressure water, the waste water can register PH11 and be clouded by concrete particles. This will make it unsuitable for discharge to land, water or storm drain in some locations. On projects where a foul sewer is accessible we are able to organise short term discharge consent with the relevant local authority. However, on the majority of projects there will not be access to a foul sewer and a more comprehensive solution, including treatment of the water, may be required.

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Sabre Jetting Services recently commissioned Siltbuster to create a water treatment unit to deal with the specific needs of the hydro-demolition industry. The Siltbuster HD Unit has the capability to correct the PH of the run-off water and remove suspended solids down to a level acceptable to the Environment Agency. Using our fleet of Siltbuster HD Units we have been able to carry out numerous projects for which we have obtained consent from the Environment Agency to discharge the treated run-off water to land, water or a storm drain. Sabre Jetting Services will work with the Environment Agency to obtain this consent, offering peace of mind to our clients that they are upholding their environmental responsibilities.


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