Sabre Jetting are able to carry out tank cleaning on many tanks without the need for the operators to enter the vessel due to the use of remote tank cleaning heads.

What exactly are tank cleaning services? Tank cleaning (sometimes also called vessel and column cleaning) can be a highly useful service which improves performance and operation in the tank and vessel mediums. Although the linings and insides of tanks have to be durable and strong by nature, when unwanted deposits build up, accessing the inside can be a very difficult task. Industrial tank cleaning has found a way to do this by using a high powered water jet which effectively cleans the tank, yet doesn’t destroy the inside of it This tank cleaning service not only provides massive safety advantages, but also remove the requirement to scaffold the vessels and for the use of additional operators, thus saving time and money. The safety of our workforce is one of our biggest priorities and because we use the most modern and innovative equipment, we are able to ensure dangers are substantially reduced whilst not comprising on cleaning quality.

Our machines are specialist. The remote tank cleaning heads have adjustable electro-magnetic brakes. These prevent the jet from over speeding to enable the water jet time to cut through the product. If the tank has a high quality finish the jet will the force its way behind the product, considerably decreasing the cleaning time required. Rotational jets ensure every part of the tank is not only reached, but also cleaned.

What are some of the situations you would require an industrial tank cleaning service?
* To remove most types of deposit, including common residues such as coke and catalyst.

* When you want to use high quality equipment that reduces the input of a person and thus increases the safety aspect of the job.

* For deep cleaning of the major internal parts of a tank, such as any heating coils, agitators or baffles.

What are some of the major reasons to use this service?
* The operation of the water jet ensures that every part of the tank is cleaned resulting in a comprehensive and thorough clean for all coils, baffles and paddles.

* The operation is highly environmentally friendly as any waste products can be trapped and disposed of with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

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When the remote cleaning head is not an option, Sabre Jetting Services are able to clean the tank using a hand lance with a vessel entry. All of our operators are confined space trained including for the use of breathing apparatus. We have carried out numerous vessel entries over the years ranging from rubber lined road tankers to formalin tanks.

We use a rotary nozzle on the end of the lance which tears through the product and covers a greater surface area than a straight jet. Our operators have years of hand lancing experience both inside and outside of tanks and both our jetting guns and rotary nozzles are maintained to strict service schedules, always exceeding the manufacturerʼs recommendations.


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