High pressure water jetting has many applications

After working in the water jetting industry for over 30 years Sabre Jetting Services has successfully completed numerous projects in all of the following:


We regularly carry out cleaning of industrial dryer drums for a number of large laundry companies throughout the UK. After extensive use the drums have large amounts of material firmly stuck to them and water jetting is the ideal method for removal as the drums can be returned to their original state, quickly and with no damage whatsoever to the panels. We have a purpose built bay at our premises to clean your drums or we are happy to come to your site if you prefer.

heat exchanger after undergoing heat exchanger cleaning services


When Sabre Jetting Services began, our main area of expertise was more industrial based. Throughout the years we have maintained that expertise by working on heat exchanges within various industries such as the beverage and petrochemical industries. A number of our operators have years of experience using flexible lances to unblock and clean tubes and as a company we have large clients that we work for during their plant shut down periods. Our clients find that we are able to work safely and efficiently and still outperform out competitors and therefore offer real value for money

inside of industrial tank during industrial tank cleaning services


One of the most recent applications we have undertaken is the cleaning out of concrete within large cement mixer drums. In the last few years we have jetted a number of these for Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering and other companies. The concrete has to be removed in a safe and methodical manner ensuring that there is never any risk of the concrete at the top of the tank falling on to the operator. We have devised the ideal method for these works to keep our operators safe and our clients happy with the end result.

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concrete removal carried out using hydrodemolition services at Midland Links project


As well as cleaning resin from within tanks, water jetting can also be used for removing rubber lining from tanks. When a tank needs to be relined, the first step is to remove the old lining, and the best way to do this is using high pressure water jetting. We have removed the lining from the inner walls of hundreds of road tankers and industrial tanks both in our yard and at the clients’ premises. We will provide all the equipment required to carry out the jetting works safely, all we need from you is to strip down the tank and to provide access, and we will do the rest.


We’ve been around for over 30 years, so there’s not much in the the hydro jetting industry, we’ve not tackled. If you have a task that involves water jetting, but don’t see it here on this list or on one of our service pages, please get in touch with us to see how we can help with your project.


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