Four of Sabre Jetting Services’ jetting units are tanker based.

This means that we will always be able to provide our own water on projects where there is no supply of water accessible. If required, we will take on the total responsibility for provision of water. This will include sourcing the most viable supply point, obtaining of the necessary licences or legal standpipe and the provision of the water to site.

Two of our tanker jetting units operate at 1100 BAR with a flow of 45lt / min. They have auto throttles to reduce water consumption, and can operate for approximately 4 hours without fill up, or 8 hours with a 25mm supply.

The remaining two of our fleet operate at 1400 BAR with a flow of 55lt / min but have a larger bowser allowing similar levels of productive time. The increase in pressure makes these units extremely valuable on projects with high volume breakout where water is not available.


- EX05 Scania 1150 BAR @ 45lt / min
- EX09 MAN 1400 BAR @ 55lt / min Euro 4 compliant for access to London
- EX10 Renault 1400 BAR @ 55lt / min Euro 4 compliant for access to London
- EX11 Renault 1200 BAR @ 45lt / min Euro 3 compliant for access to London
- SAB07
- SAB12


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