tanker unit used for concrete hydrodemolition

Commercial and Industrial pipe cleaning by high pressure water jetting is fast and effective.

We can use high pressure water jets to remove concrete from pipes as long as 8m with diameters up to 300mm. The concrete is removed using specially adapted extendable lances with water exiting the nozzle at 500 metres/second. If the pipe isn’t fully blocked, descaling using high pressure water jetting may be required. Scale build up can cause back pressure and reduced flows.

Some pipes can be cleaned in-situ to reduce the down time. We can use high pressure water jetting with rotating heads – some of which are mechanically controlled – to ensure an effective high pressure water jet. Our industrual pip cleaning can remove most materials successfully as long as the pipes/pipelines are either concrete or steel.

If you have a specific pipe or pipeline that requires unblocking or descaling, call us on 0121 706 980 or email us at enq@sabrejetting.co.uk.


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