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Sabre Achieve 93% & 96% in UVDB Audit

Jan 21 2016

Sabre Jetting Services Ltd recently registered with Achilles UVDB at the request of major client Balfour Beatty. Following registration and completion of the online assessment, a B2 audit was required due to the nature of the business and the services provided. The audit took place over two days and included an office based audit of our Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality Management Systems plus a site based audit.

During the first day, Achilles Assessor Paul Clifford attended the Sabre offices to go through our systems and check there was evidence in place that the systems were being utilised. As well as the systems mentioned above, evidence of our Corporate & Social Responsibility policies was also required. Following the office based audit and presentation of the relevant evidence a highly reputable score of 93% was awarded.

On day two, Paul visited a Sabre Jetting team working at a water treatment works in Nottingham, carrying out removal of polyurethane coating from within a tank using ultra high pressure water jetting. Again he was looking for evidence that our systems were being transferred to practical situations and reflected in the way the work was carried out. After assessing the evidence available in our team’s site safety file an even higher score of 96% was awarded for the site based audit.

These two scores are a fantastic achievement for any business, and particularly for such a small company with just 25 employees. The results highlight further our commitment to health and safety and add to our list of health and safety accreditations which includes CHAS, Exor, Costructionline and Builders Profile.

In addition to health and safety, the results of the audit also demonstrate that Sabre Jettin Services Ltd is acting in a responsible manner with regard to the environment, its employees and society in general.

As a result of the audit, potential clients will now be able to view the company on the Achilles UVDB Community and find us based on the service they require. Sabre Jetting Services Ltd can currently be found within two categories entitled ‘Concrete Services’ and ‘Demolition & Clearance Work’ and we are hopeful a more specific category for hydrodemolition will be added in the near future.


Sabre’s Site Safety Files

A big part of the successful audit was the presence and contents of our site safety files which our operators receive prior to every project. These files contain information relating to the major categories of the audit, Health & Safety, Environment and Quality and ensure our teams arrive on site with the knowledge required to carry out their duties as intended.

From the health & safety perspective, the file contains the site specific RAMS, daily check sheets, all training certificates for the operators and all test/ maintenance certificates for the equipment being used. This information is available for inspection by our clients but is kept within the safety file for the duration of the project. This vital information is therefore immediately accessible in the event of an H&S audit or HSE visit.

Our environmental portion of the safety file comes in the form of the Siltbuster quick start guide along with the setup and inspection records for the Siltbuster. There is also a pH record form in every folder so that the operators can manually record the pH of the water following treatment. This supplements the use of data loggers on the Siltbuster units which automatically record the pH of the treated water and store the information on a USB flash drive.

Obviously the quality of the work carried out is extremely important, and as part of our quality management system the folders contain our day sheets and measure sheets to allow the team to have their work signed off by the client on completion. The team is able to ascertain whilst on site whether any additional removal is required and rectify immediately if necessary. The job will only be signed off by the client if they are satisfied with the work carried out. On long term projects these quality forms are handed in on a weekly basis and we are therefore able to ensure that each job is progressing as expected.

With our site safety files in place for every project and the Achilles UVDB audit successfully completed, Sabre Jetting Services Ltd can assure customers that we have the mechanisms in place to work in a safe and responsible manner at all times. Major companies, such as Balfour Beatty, can therefore have confidence in Sabre Jetting Services Ltd as a valuable member of their supply chain.


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