Birmingham City Council, Canal & River Trust
Hand Lance Hydrodemolition
Removal of Conrete Infill to Canal Bridge Deck
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After completing a site visit at the request of the client the job requirement was to remove 6m3 of concrete infill from within the bridge deck trough system to allow the installation of services to accommodate a new housing build north of the canal bridge. The canal bridge spanned over a canal below, as in most cases canal bridges do not have any as-built drawings available. The client had been on site for some time and had completed trial holes. The design of the bridge used a ribbing trench shutter system, concrete was then poured on top, each rib was connected by rivets.

Due to the road layout, traffic management had to set up a lane closure to contain the works. Within the closure, an area of blacktop (tarmac) was removed leaving a 100mm edge that acted as water containment which allowed the run-off water to flow to the low point of the bridge deck for pumping, pH correction and filtration prior to discharge and prevented it running into the live traffic lane.


Job Detail

Sabre Jetting Services provided an aluminium tubed jetting enclosure which contained the hydrodemolition and worked well for the width and dimensions required for the removal of infill.

The jetting team mobilised on Monday morning, completed the site-specific induction before making way to the bridge deck to set up the jetting unit, siltbuster hd unit, pumps and jetting enclosure.

The on-site engineer had identified the two available troughs within the concrete deck and had the removal area clearly marked and sawcut.

The team started jetting at the low point of the bridge deck to exposed the two troughs first, this allowed the area to be the new low point for collection of water which was transferred to the Siltbuster hd unit using submersible and diaphragm pumps.

Once the finished profile had been achieved and inspected by the engineer the team continued working back towards the north end of the bridge deck, effectively working away from the completed low end of the bridge, this enabled good visibility for the operative and ensured the working area remained clear and free from water and debris.

Once all hydrodemolition had been completed, the exposed troughs that were only visible from below the bridge deck soffit were now visible from above the deck. Both troughs clear and free of infill and ready for a final inspection by the client’s engineer.

All works were passed off and completed in 5 shifts and a total volume of 6m3 of concrete had been removed.

Our team did a great job here and the client were pleased with the final result.


“It was a great effort from the guys in the conditions they faced. The finish and the dimensions are perfect. Thanks to you and your guys for a job well done”


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