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Sabre Jetting Services regularly cleans tanks for Akzo Nobel in Birmingham. Many of the tanks on site can be cleaned using a remote head meaning that no operators have to work within the tank. This is the safest and cheapest possible method as there is no confined space work involved and therefore no access required inside the tank. Our operators take two of our trailer units to site and setup the remote head. The two machines are linked together using a safety manifold tripod to create a flow of 150lt / min to power the remote head and ensure enough volume to clean the walls of the tank. Many of the tanks on the Akzo Nobel site can be cleaned in one day ready for inspection using this method.

There are also a number of vessels on site that require our operators to carry out a tank entry. This means that our guys will enter the tank with a hand lance in order to clean the inner walls. For this type of work we provide a three man team and all necessary breathing apparatus. The remote head is run in the tank initially to remove as much resin as possible and to disperse the vapours from the chemical previously stored.  Our confined space trained operators will then enter the tank wearing full BA and remove the remaining resin.

Our operators have years of experience of working at Akzo Nobel in Birmingham and have cleaned hundreds of tanks using both the methods described above. This has allowed us to develop the knowledge of how best to approach this type of industrial work. Other clients over the years include Akzo Nobel in Slough, Baxenden Chemicals, BIP, Robinsons and Heinz.


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