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Hydrodemolition of bridge decks is the safest and most effective removal of concrete for your bridge deck.

At Sabre Jetting Services we can remove damaged areas of the deck slab leaving all reinforcing clean and ready for replacement concrete

We can use hydrodemolition to remove the bridge deck expansion joint. Take a look at our project page on the A5 Ceiriog.
We can also use hydrodemolition robots for large scale bridge deck removal as seen recently at Staverton M5. The robotic hydrodemolition combined with Sabre jetting services’ team of hand lance operators means that the largest of projects can be the brought in on time and on budget. We also have one of the UK’s largest fleets of siltbuster hydrodemolition units so all water generated can be treated to allow local discharge. See our waste water description in our services section.


When carrying out hydro-demolition safety is of paramount importance. At Sabre Jetting Services we take the safety of our operators and anybody else that could come into contact with the operation extremely seriously. All of our equipment and PPE is serviced, tested or replaced using standards well above the manufacturers recommendations. We can guarantee our customers we only use the best equipment and PPE, identified using the vast experience gained over the last 30 years. As leaders in the specialist industry of hydro-demolition we have developed our own safety procedures following the Water Jetting Association code of practice. Our POSH Procedures are a reminder to our operators of their duties on every site and will ensure that every single job we carry out is setup in the optimum way to ensure minimum risk. The acronym POSH stands for, Positioning of the jetting unit, Operation of the jetting unit, Seeing the jetting enclosure and Hearing the jetting operation. Keeping in mind these four key responsibilities means that our operators are perfectly prepared to deal with any potential emergency.


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