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Further Applications

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High pressure water jetting has many applications and after 30 years working in the water jetting industry Sabre Jetting Services has successfully completed numerous projects in all of the following:

Cleaning Industrial Dryer Drums

We regularly carry out cleaning of industrial dryer drums for a number of large laundry companies throughout the UK. After extensive use the drums have large amounts of material firmly stuck to them and water jetting is the ideal method for removal as the drums can be returned to their original state, quickly and with no damage whatsoever to the panels. We have a purpose built bay at our premises to clean your drums or we are happy to come to your site if you prefer.

Cleaning Heat Exchanges

When Sabre Jetting Services began, our main area of expertise was more industrial based. Throughout the years we have maintained that expertise by working on heat exchanges within various industries such as the beverage and petrochemical industries. A number of our operators have years of experience using flexible lances to unblock and clean tubes and as a company we have large clients that we work for during their plant shut down periods. Our clients find that we are able to work safely and efficiently and still outperform out competitors and therefore offer real value for money

Rubber Lining Removal

As well as cleaning resin from within tanks, water jetting can also be used for removing rubber lining from tanks. When a tank needs to be relined, the first step is to remove the old lining, and the best way to do this is using high pressure water jetting. We have removed the lining from the inner walls of hundreds of road tankers and industrial tanks both in our yard and at the clients’ premises. We will provide all the equipment required to carry out the jetting works safely, all we need from you is to strip down the tank and to provide access, and we will do the rest.

Cleaning Agitators

One of the most recent applications we have undertaken is the cleaning out of concrete within large cement mixer drums. In the last few years we have jetted a number of these for Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering and other companies. The concrete has to be removed in a safe and methodical manner ensuring that there is never any risk of the concrete at the top of the tank falling on to the operator. We have devised the ideal method for these works to keep our operators safe and our clients happy with the end result.

Road Marking Removal

Using our UHP jetting unit we are able to remove road markings without causing damage to the road surface underneath. Our recent works include the removal of a pedestrian crossing at Paddington Station and the removal of one way system road markings at Silverstone during the Moto GP weekend. As you can tell, the works can take place in busy locations and close to live traffic. The operation requires very little water and minimal protection, both of which we can organise for you, making us totally self-sufficient.

Surface Preparation

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When we talk about surface preparation we are primarily referring to the roughing up of concrete using a rotary nozzle. The preparation can be carried out to varying finishes (levels of roughness) as required for each specific project. This can range from removing 2-3mm of laitance, to removing enough concrete to expose the aggregate. Our operators have years of experience carrying out surface preparation and have therefore developed the skills necessary to achieve whichever finish is required by the client.

In addition to the capability of our operators, we are also able to offer surface preparation using Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting. Our UHP unit is capable of operating at 2800 BAR using 20lt / min and is excellent for preparing concrete surfaces for mesh and overlay systems or for creating a key for bonding to new concrete. This technology allows us to prepare more surface area per shift than ever before meaning shorter programme periods and reduced costs for our clients.

The UHP unit was first used on a project in Guernsey in early 2014, preparing concrete surfaces to the underside of a jetty. We started the project using a 1500 BAR unit using 50lt / min and the production and finish provided were both of an acceptable level. However, once the UHP unit was introduced the production on the project doubled and the finish provided was actually preferred by the client.

At Sabre Jetting Services, we are constantly looking to develop our equipment in order to offer our clients the most comprehensive and efficient service possible, utilising the most appropriate techniques for the tasks at hand.

To find out more about surface preparation and the service we can offer, contact us now on 0121 706 9801.

Waste Water Management

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Sabre Jetting Services are able to provide practical and affordable solutions to the water disposal dilemma faced when carrying out high pressure water jetting.

In addition to our tanker jetting units for the provision of water, we are also able to organise the discharge of the run-off water after the jetting operation. Using our contacts and knowledge we are able to remove what can be a difficult part of the planning process from the client and save them both the time and frustration involved.


Following the hydrodemoltion of concrete with high pressure water, the waste water can register PH11 and be clouded by concrete particles. This will make it unsuitable for discharge to land, water or storm drain in some locations. On projects where a foul sewer is accessible we are able to organise short term discharge consent with the relevant local authority. However, on the majority of projects there will not be access to a foul sewer and a more comprehensive solution, including treatment of the water, may be required.

Sabre Jetting Siltbuster

Sabre Jetting Services recently commissioned Siltbuster to create a water treatment unit to deal with the specific needs of the hydro-demolition industry. The Siltbuster HD Unit has the capability to correct the PH of the run-off water and remove suspended solids down to a level acceptable to the Environment Agency. Using our fleet of Siltbuster HD Units we have been able to carry out numerous projects for which we have obtained consent from the Environment Agency to discharge the treated run-off water to land, water or a storm drain. Sabre Jetting Services will work with the Environment Agency to obtain this consent, offering peace of mind to our clients that they are upholding their environmental responsibilities.
Call us now to discuss your hydro-demolition and waste water management requirements.

Tanker Units

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Four of Sabre Jetting Services’ jetting units are tanker based. This means that we will always be able to provide our own water on projects where there is no supply of water accessible. If required, we will take on the total responsibility for provision of water. This will include sourcing the most viable supply point, obtaining of the necessary licences or legal standpipe and the provision of the water to site.


Two of our tanker jetting units operate at 1100 BAR with a flow of 45lt / min. They have auto throttles to reduce water consumption, and can operate for approximately 4 hours without fill up, or 8 hours with a 25mm supply.


The remaining two of our fleet operate at 1400 BAR with a flow of 55lt / min but have a larger bowser allowing similar levels of productive time. The increase in pressure makes these units extremely valuable on projects with high volume breakout where water is not available.


Hydro Demolition Tanker Units


  • EX05 Scania 1150 BAR @ 45lt / min
  • EX09 MAN 1400 BAR @ 55lt / min Euro 4 compliant for access to London
  • EX10 Renault 1400 BAR @ 55lt / min Euro 4 compliant for access to London
  • EX11 Renault 1200 BAR @ 45lt / min Euro 3 compliant for access to London
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Tank Cleaning

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Remote Tank Cleaning

Sabre Jetting are able to clean many tanks without the need for the operators to enter the vessel due to the use of remote cleaning heads. This tank cleaning service not only provides massive safety advantages, but also removes the requirement to scaffold the vessels and for the use of additional operators, thus saving time and money.

The remote heads have adjustable electro-magnetic brakes. These prevent the jet from over speeding to enable the water jet time to cut through the product. If the tank has a high quality finish the jet will the force its way behind the product, considerably decreasing the cleaning time required.

Vessel Entry


When the remote cleaning head is not an option, Sabre Jetting Services are able to clean the tank using a hand lance with a vessel entry. All of our operators are confined space trained including for the use of breathing apparatus. We have carried out numerous vessel entries over the years ranging from rubber lined road tankers to formalin tanks.

We use a rotary nozzle on the end of the lance which tears through the product and covers a greater surface area than a straight jet. Our operators have years of hand lancing experience both inside and outside of tanks and both our jetting guns and rotary nozzles are maintained to strict service schedules, always exceeding the manufacturerʼs recommendations.

Hydrodemolition Services

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Sabre Jetting Services is committed to being the number one hydro-demolition contractor in the United Kingdom. In order to achieve this we have invested heavily in our workforce and the equipment that we use. Our operators are highly trained including specialist in-house training which is not available elsewhere. Our operators also have access to an extensive fleet of Hammelmann jetting units which are unrivalled in terms of capability and reliability.


For our clients this means shorter programming, lower costs and maximum safety awareness. We are happy to offer a full hydro-demolition package on every project, including provision of water and, treatment of the run-off water. All of our high pressure pumps are sound attenuated reducing the noise impact of our operation and we are also able to provide sound attenuation blankets to encapsulate the jetting enclosure where required.

When carrying out hydro-demolition safety is of paramount importance. At Sabre Jetting Services we take the safety of our operators and anybody else that could come into contact with the operation extremely seriously. All of our equipment and PPE is serviced, tested or replaced using standards well above the manufacturers recommendations. We can guarantee our customers we only use the best equipment and PPE, identified using the vast experience gained over the last 30 years.


As leaders in the specialist industry of hydro-demolition we have developed our own safety procedures following the Water Jetting Association code of practice. Our POSH Procedures are a reminder to our operators of their duties on every site and will ensure that every single job we carry out is setup in the optimum way to ensure minimum risk. The acronym POSH stands for, Positioning of the jetting unit, Operation of the jetting unit, Hearing the jetting operation and Seeing the jetting enclosure. Keeping in mind these four key responsibilities means that our operators are perfectly prepared to deal with any potential emergency.


If you have any queries regarding an upcoming hydro-demolition project, call us now on 0121 706 9801.


Hydrodemolition is the controlled removal of concrete using high pressure, high speed water has several advantages over traditional air tool, machine mounted breakers.

1. Minimal vibration to the operator
2. No loose or damaged concrete on the edge of breakout area
3. No damage to steel reinforcing
4. Removal of concrete around dense reinforcing (impossible using air breakers)
5. Thorough washing / self cleaning of breakout area

The use of hydrodemolition seems to becoming more widespread amongst the construction industry, particularly within the civil engineering sector. The reasons listed above are the main factors for the increase in awareness of what is now a growing industry.

Sabre Jetting Services’ first hydrodemolition contract was completed successfully in 1989 for Edmund Nuttal. We now employ twelve operators who are permanently engaged in concrete demolition, completing contracts ranging in value from £850 to £500,000 making us the countries most experienced hydrodemolition contractor.

Due to the ability of our operatives, we are not limited to Hydrodemolition, and are able to undertake projects of any nature ranging from intricate work such as bearing removal, to bulk projects such as parapet demolition. The skills of our workforce have been developed due to the many highly technical midland links contracts we have successfully carried out as a key member of the area 9 partnering scheme.